4R Mantra

Right People | Right Process | Right Technology | Right Results

WHO WE ARE: The Right People

We are solutions driven – We don’t stop until we have a workable solution
We are team players – We’re supportive and look out for each other
We are responsive – Respectful of turnaround times
We are accountable – No excuses!
We are honest and genuine to others and ourselves – Tactful in saying it how it is
We singularly and collectively strive for growth of each other – Curious and progressive minds
We are hard workers – Never afraid in our pursuit for excellence
We are respectful – Business ethic, cultures and opinions
We know our purpose – Focused on our vision
We don’t carry people – Pick up your own luggage and baggage

WHAT WE DO: The Right Process

We respect processes – Follow, innovate and execute
We are not afraid to solve problems and encouraged to ask questions when in doubt
We don’t wait for things to happen – We are proactive and make things happen
We focus on what we have and what we do best – Stick to the game plan
We try our best and learn/grow from our failures without regret
We strive to be 1% better every day in everything we do
We don’t forget to look over our shoulders at our accomplished goals
We love learning and are restless to grow

HOW WE DO IT: The Right Technology

We self-manage and plan – No Plan = Nowhere
We embrace and are resilient to change – Change is constant
We do things right, especially the small things
We constantly innovate – If we stagnate we die
We remain consciously positive in all things we do
We give 110% effort – Challenge ourselves to strive for the highest

WHAT’S OUR GOLD? The Right Results

We are committed to exceeding what is expected of us – Personal and business growth
We excel in delivering on customer service excellence
We understand that our individual contribution is critical – direct impact and success for all
We are cost conscious – High costs = low profit = waste of time
We don’t waste time – Time is money
We are passionate about each project/assignment – Delivering to perfection